Overcoming Scabies That Do Not Improve Despite Taking Medication?

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Hello. I am really sick with severe scabies u0026ndash; until all over the body. After that, I injected u0026ndash; don’t know what the ap is. Then dksih 2 types of pills u0026ndash; zn (green) u0026amp; solas (yellow wrna) + gentamicin sulfate ointment. After 2 days, my body has turned black, but still feels itchy. How could you do that? Then what is the pill for?

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Hello Intan

Thank you for the question.

Scabies or scabies is a disease caused by parasitic infection. Sarcoptes scabiei, which is usually characterized by severe itching all over the body, skin disorders especially on the sidelines of the body such as the armpits, groin, or between the fingers that form sores such as tunnels. This scabies usually arises because of poor sanitation, or a history of living together in a place such as in a dormitory or boarding school.

To treat scabies, the doctor will usually give a drug that is permethrin which can be applied to the entire body which is allowed to stand for 8-14 hours then rinsed. In addition, doctors can also prescribe antibiotic ointments because usually bacterial infections can also accompany scabies, and also oral medicines in the form of antihistamines which can reduce itching. In some cases, doctors can inject corticosteroid drugs for scabies that are shaped like nodules or lumps. Lumps that become blackish or hyperpigmented are natural things that occur due to the healing process of inflammation.

During the treatment period, the skin may still feel itchy, but this does not mean that the treatment is ineffective. If this continues after 14 days and you still see mites, you can repeat the treatment.

In addition, the following things you must do to prevent scabies transmission and optimize treatment:

Treat people closest to scabies treatment even though they don't show symptoms of scabies.
Wash clothes, sheets, blankets and towels used during the past week with hot water (60 degrees Celsius or more) and dry in the hot sun.
Clean carpets and utensils with a vacuum cleaner.

Hope it helps and hopefully get well soon.

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