Overcoming Scars That Become Keloids?

Illustration of Overcoming Scars That Become Keloids?
Illustration: Overcoming Scars That Become Keloids? adoreplasticsurgery.com

I have had a serious accident, to be exact, on my right leg in the inner side of the knee with a decent size and it happened that the scar was very deep and caused keloids and really bothered me? So what actions should I take to make my legs smooth again?

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Keloid is a condition that quite often occurs after experiencing an injury. Keloids occur due to an overgrowth of scar tissue on the skin around the wound, which can cause the skin to stick out and thicken. Keloids are harmless, and can sometimes cause a person to flutter for cosmetic reasons.

If you have keloids, there are several things that can help get rid of them, such as:

laser surgery Cryotherapy injections of corticosteroids in keloids using silicone gel But of course, to determine which type of therapy is right, then you should consult directly with a dermatologist first, so that doctors can check your condition firsthand.

consuming enough vegetables and fruit can make your skin smoother and brighter, which can help treat keloids. It's important not to smoke. keep skin moist.

here is an article that you can read about keloids

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