Overcoming Seizure Conditions?

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Good Afternoon, Introduce me rizkynurulimanDok, Why when I am in a sitting or relaxed position, I experience movements that unconsciously make my legs and arms like seizures for only a few seconds, but in a conscious condition, does that include epilepsy or epilepsy? And how to handle it how. Please answer. Thank you.

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Unconscious movements are not always caused by seizures. Epilepsy is a condition where there is a disruption in the flow / electric charge in the brain. if you are aware of the unconscious movement, then chances are it is not an epilepsy. epilepsy consists of various types so that the symptoms caused can be different. Epilepsy in general can cause seizures, both in the whole body or in part. Epilepsy can also cause unconscious symptoms like absenteeism. But usually seizures in epilepsy sufferers do not realize when he was having a seizure.

Some of the causes that might be able to cause the situation that you experience such as:

Parkinson's disease
huntington disease

Therefore, if it is true that the situation you are experiencing continues to occur, then you should check yourself directly to the doctor of nerve specialist, so your doctor can examine your condition directly and provide appropriate therapy.

It is recommended not to consume too much coffee. drink enough water. get enough rest, and avoid excessive stress. do not consume alcohol.

The following article you can read about epilepsy

may be useful. thank you

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