Overcoming Skin Problems When Suffering From Asthma?

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Hello, I am Devita, I happen to have asthma, can asthma spread to my skin? if yes what are the signs?

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Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com. I am dr. Princess Claudya will help answer your questions.

Asthma is a disease characterized by narrowing of the airways due to allergic mechanisms in certain people. This allergic mechanism can be triggered by food, cold air, physical activity such as exercise, inhalation of things such as dust, animal hair, or pollen, etc. The mechanism that occurs as a result of these things will cause contraction of the respiratory muscles and the release of inflammatory cells so that the airway shrinks and results in a person short of breath. Shortness of breath in asthma is usually followed by a wheezing sound. Generally, asthma is genetically congenital and can be passed down from the family.

A person who suffers from asthma, usually he also tends to develop allergic diseases in other parts of the body, such as allergic nose (allergic rhinitis), allergic eyes (allergic conjunctivitis) allergic skin (atopic dermatitis / eczema). This group of diseases together with asthma is known as atopic disease.

If the triggers are the same, it is not uncommon for allergy symptoms in the body to appear simultaneously.

Regarding your question, before that, do "asthma complaints that spread to the skin" mean skin complaints that appear together with asthma? If so, it is likely congenital atopic dermatitis / eczema, which tends to occur in patients with asthma as well. Apart from atopic dermatitis, a skin complaint that is also triggered by allergies is urticaria, which is a raised redness on the skin that feels itchy.

However, it can also be that these skin complaints are not related to asthma or allergies, but are caused by infection with germs (bacteria, fungi, fleas, viruses), history of contact with substances that irritate the skin, allergic mechanisms of contact to the skin, animal bites, etc.

For that, you should check with a general practitioner first so that you can directly examine and ascertain the cause of your skin complaints. If necessary, the doctor will refer you to a dermatologist for further tracking and treatment.

Meanwhile, the things you should do to improve the condition and prevent worsening of asthma are:

Avoid asthma triggers and other allergies once they are identified
Use asthma medication regularly (if any) and during attacks
Regular exercise about 3-4 times a week, especially light aerobic type. Do not overdo the exercise because you fear it will trigger asthma
Manage stress well

To maintain healthy skin, what you need to do:

Bathing at least 2x a day

Dry off after showering or sweating
Wear thin, soft, and sweat-absorbing clothing
Do a patch test first every time you use a new product that is applied to the skin. You do this, by applying the product to a little part of the skin and then observing about a day after whether there is redness, itching, or burning. If there is this, it means you are allergic to the ingredients in the topical product
Use a body moisturizer to avoid dryness of your skin
Use sunscreen when you will be exposed to the sun

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and is useful :)


dr. Princess Claudya

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