Overcoming Sore Throat After Tooth Extraction?

Illustration of Overcoming Sore Throat After Tooth Extraction?
Illustration: Overcoming Sore Throat After Tooth Extraction? Bing

I want to ask this. 5 days ago I pulled out a small molar. When I pulled it out it didn’t hurt but after the anesthesia it went away, it still hurts so much. I take painkillers but if I don’t take the medicine it hurts again. And if I eat it hurts too. Why is that? Is it normal? What should be done huh? And after extracting the tooth, the throat hurts a lot when swallowing saliva and does it have anything to do with tooth extraction or the medicine?rnPlease help, thank you

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Extraction of molars (molars) generally requires a longer recovery time than other teeth. This is because the molars are firmly attached to the surrounding structures. Therefore, inflammation often occurs even which can last up to 1-3 days after tooth extraction. This inflammation can not only cause pain, but it can also cause swollen gums and a stiff jaw.

However, if the pain you feel is very severe, and persists for more than 3 days after tooth extraction, you should re-examine your complaint to the dentist who extracted your previous tooth. It is feared that the pain may arise due to other factors, such as nerve injury, tooth extraction infection, cellulitis (soft tissue infection), jaw bone disorders, and so on.

The sore throat that you feel may arise due to the spread of inflammation from the former tooth extraction. It could also be that the pain occurs due to throat irritation, for example when you eat too many spicy foods and contain artificial sweeteners. Reflux (back up) stomach acid, viral or bacterial infection, entry of foreign objects (eg swallowed food spines), to malignancy may also cause sore throat.

With a direct doctor's examination, the possible causes of pain in the former tooth extraction and pain in your throat can generally be identified and treated appropriately. Or if necessary, the doctor may also refer you to the right specialist for further treatment.

In the meantime, you should first consume post-tooth extraction medications prescribed by a doctor on a regular basis. Reduce chewing on the side of the tooth extraction, chew the food on the other side first. If necessary, you should consume soft-textured foods first. Be diligent in brushing and gargling with salt water to maintain good oral and dental health.


The horrors and benefits of tooth extraction

Hope it helps ya..

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