Overcoming Sore Waist And Stomach Pain?

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Hello, I want to ask, I like to feel proud, I feel my throat feels sore, and my stomach hurts … I have already checked at the puskesmas, they haven’t got stomach acid again, so it affects my stomach, it feels sore … it’s true every time stomach acid rises or runs away until it feels like it hurts too … but the pain I feel is really sore sometimes I like to ask for a kerokin when I start to feel sick

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Hello Ratna.

Thank you for the question.

In our waist consists of several organs such as skin, muscles, spine, kidneys and urethra. If you feel pain, it may be caused by interference with one of them.

Position error. Misposition when sitting and lifting objects can cause stiffness in the waist area or is called muscle cramps. Obesity, especially abdominal obesity, will make the curvature of the spine change and cause pain and stiffness in the area around the spine. This is also found in pregnant women. Injury to the waist area can injure several organs such as the skin, muscles, and kidneys. Injuries to the skin, the skin will look bluish bruises, injuries to muscles will usually be difficult to move, injuries to the kidneys can cause reddish colored urine. Kidney and urinary tract stones. In people who suffer from kidney stones will experience pain that usually penetrates into the front of the stomach. Abdominal pain will feel like heartburn. Usually marked by a history of reddish urine. Infection of the kidneys can cause pain in the waist area. The advice I can give:

regular exercise, consume more water, maintain ideal body weight, improve the sitting position and sleep using a flat and hard mat. If the complaint does not improve, it is advisable to check with a neurologist. Additional checks that may be needed:

Ultrasound Urinalysis MRI CT-Scan This depends on the doctor's examination after conducting an interview and a physical examination.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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