Overcoming Spit Up In Newborns After Drinking Milk?

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Normally, bro, I was a boy in the afternoon, I didn’t want to feed on formula milk, but the milk was normal, then if the hbs were milk, they spit up or vomited in brengi a little bit of mucus, then sneeze gt but sneeze when the baby is good morning afternoon gt drying the baby at what time? Then the age of 2 days, if in the afternoon you have to use the cloth or not? Thank you in advance

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Hi Nurrita,

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Need to clarify, why are you giving your baby formula milk? Is it recommended by a doctor? With what medium do you give formula milk? Do you use a pacifier?

Breastfeeding using a pacifier is distinctly different from breastfeeding directly on the breast. When breastfeeding using a pacifier, the baby without having to bother to suckle can immediately get milk. Meanwhile, when breastfeeding directly at the breast, the baby needs to be more patient in stimulating the breast until it finally creates a let down reflex that allows the milk to flow to the nipple. This difference, if it occurs at a very young baby, can make the baby experience nipple confusion. As a result, the baby will have to suckle using a pacifier because it is considered easier. So, not simply because he prefers formula milk to breast milk. However, it is more to the media that the giving is not right.

This condition should be resolved IMMEDIATELY before it's too late. Babies who are breastfeeding formula milk, especially using a pacifier, will be more prone to spit up and vomit. This condition occurs because of the large amount of gas that is swallowed into the digestive tract while breastfeeding. This vomiting can also occur because the baby has difficulty absorbing nutrients in the formula given, for example due to lactose intolerance. In addition, babies who are not breastfed are also more susceptible to allergies and respiratory infections due to their poor immune system. This condition is likely what makes your baby sneeze frequently in the morning.

To solve the complaint, you should do the following tips:

Increase your milk production by expressing it regularly every 1 to 2 hours Stop giving formula milk to babies through a teat, you can temporarily change to using a spoon or cupfeeder while waiting for your baby to suckle directly from your breast Teach your baby to suckle directly from your breast every time. Every 1 to 2 hours (do it when the baby is not too hungry so that he is not easily upset or angry because the milk does not come out right away) Slowly, increase the frequency of the baby breastfeeding and reduce the frequency of the baby breastfeeding formula. Calm your mind, rest assured that you are able to give the best (i.e. breast milk) for the health and well-being of your own baby Drink and eat more nutritious foods to increase milk production. Dry the baby in the morning sun between 6 and 8 in the morning, or in the afternoon between 3 and 5 in the evening Make sure your baby is not exposed to direct sunlight, but you can put it on in a room exposed to indirect sunlight Keep the environment around the baby to be clean, free from dust and mites, and not too cold Try not to let the baby sleep on cotton wool or other materials that are prone to inhalation into the baby which causes inflammation of the respiratory tract. babies from cigarettes and their smoke. Bathe babies in warm water in the morning and evening so that their body hygiene is maintained, and babies can sleep more soundly. For more details, please consult directly with a pediatrician.

I hope this helps.

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