Overcoming Stiff Mouth That Makes It Difficult To Speak?

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It needs to be clarified, have your parents undergone a doctor's examination and were declared to have had a stroke?

The shape of the mouth that is not symmetrical (lopsided) and difficulty speaking can indeed be one of the signs of a stroke. This condition can occur when a blood vessel in the brain is bleeding (hemorrhagic stroke) or a blockage (ischemic stroke). When assessed from the history of the disease your parents suffered, namely hypertension (high blood pressure), the major cause of the complaint is hemorrhagic stroke. Apart from hypertension, several other factors that increase the risk of hemorrhagic stroke are the consumption of anticoagulant drugs and aneurysms (weak and prone to rupture).

In general, a person's risk factors for having a stroke are improved by the following conditions:

Unhealthy lifestyle, namely being overweight, physically inactive, consuming alcohol, using illegal drugs (for example cocaine or methamphetamine), smoking
Having certain diseases, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders (such as heart attack, heart failure)
Family history of stroke, heart attack, or TIA (transient ischemic attack)
Age over 55 years
Excessive exposure to the hormone estrogen, for example in combination hormonal birth control users, and so on

The best solution you need to do at this time is, ask your father to have his condition checked by a neurologist. If the emergency condition has been successfully treated, the doctor will generally invite your parents to undergo outpatient therapy while giving several types of medication and direct your father to undergo physiotherapy to treat the symptoms that still appear.

With good handling, stroke symptoms can generally be minimized so that sufferers can return to their normal activities as before. However, it should also be noted that post-stroke recovery is usually not enough in a short time. It can take at least several weeks or even months for sufferers to show significant improvement. For this reason, consult directly with a medical doctor, what kind of treatment you need to do at home to optimize the recovery of your parents?

To help speed up recovery, here are the steps your parents should take:

Control blood pressure, namely by having regular checkups with a doctor, generally doctors will provide anti-hypertensive drugs
Also do regular exercise, manage stress well, keep your body weight ideal, and avoid consuming foods high in salt and also contain alcohol
Reduce your intake of foods high in cholesterol and saturated fat
Expand to eat vegetables and fruit
Do not smoke

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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