Overcoming Stress Due To Parents Who Often Criticize?

, I’m 23 years old u0026amp; msh college (brgntung on parents)., I am very tired, because whatever I do will be considered less and wrong by my father. I was often made down by my father, with his words that underestimate me. How do I, my spy can be sure of the decisions I made u0026amp; focus on solutions (not problems) even though my father criticized a lot?

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Hello Ayu Puspita,

Thank you for the question.

Being in a home environment where parents are overly critical and create an uncomfortable atmosphere is indeed something that is very unpleasant and can suppress the mind, especially if they are your own parents and you are still attached to them. However, there are a number of ways and steps you can try to help reduce these mental stresses.

Although parents have a hand in giving advice when you make a decision, you must remember that you are an individual who also has his own thoughts and has certain desires in life, and you are mature enough to bear the consequences of the choices you make, so that you can be confident in making a decision.

In addition, to 'make peace' under these conditions, you can create a 'safe place' for yourself, for example by reducing interactions that can cause problems with your parents or father, and that is normal if you feel depressed. As much as possible you reduce certain expectations of your parents, and focus on yourself. You can vent your complaints to other people closest to you that you trust, and in addition you can also try to do things that you enjoy such as pursuing a hobby.

If you feel you need counseling about this, don't hesitate to contact a psychologist.

Hopefully this information can help.


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