Overcoming Stretch Marks That Arise Due To Weight Gain?

Good afternoon, Mr / Mrs Doctor … I want to ask you a lot of stretch marks appear on my thighs, and continue to grow to the hips, calves, buttocks and even to my breasts also appear strecth mark .. I find out on the internet could be due to the increase weight, which I am experiencing right now. However, is it normal for the correct mark mark to appear u0026sup2; lots of my entire thighs, and only u0026sup2; does this also appear in the lower abdomen? What do doctors think about this?

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Stretch marks are lines or strokes that are long, thin, and more protruding outward than other skin surfaces. So when you touch it, it will feel like a scratch or uneven skin. The color of stretch marks itself is red, but usually will fade to white. Stretch marks usually appear on the skin that stores fat such as stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, buttocks, and lower back.

Not everyone experiences stress mark. This condition is only experienced by people whose skin contains a small amount of collagen or protein that makes the skin supple. Structural markum occurs because your body grows faster than the development and elasticity of the skin. the middle layer of the skin (dermis) will thin so that the layers beneath it come to the surface. This condition is called stretch mark.

stretched skin triggers the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Some situations that cause stretched skin include:

Drastic weight gain.
Puberty, which is due to changes and rapid growth of the body and skin.
Breast implants or buttocks that are too large.
Pregnancy, associated with abdominal skin that stretches with gestational age and drastic weight gain.
Use or consumption of excessive glucocortiroid hormone (steroid) supplements.
Rare genetic diseases, such as Cushing's disease, Marfan syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

if you have a check mark, you don't need to worry, because this is a common condition that many people have. In addition, stretch marks are also rarely a symptom of certain diseases. if accompanied by other complaints may be caused by certain diseases, you should immediately consult a doctor to ascertain the cause of your stretch marks, but if not accompanied by other complaints it may be withdrawal mark that does not need to worry, you can consult a dermatologist for this, if You feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable to look at or bother you, so the doctor will provide the right handlers such as creams, peels, lesers and surgical procedures depending on the indication.

Stretch marks are a common condition that cannot always be prevented. However, there are several ways you can do so that stretch marks don't develop.

lose weight
healthy diet
use moisturizer: use a moisturizer that contains vitamin A, vitamin E, or cocoa but in order to keep the skin supple and healthy.
drink enough water at least 8-12 glasses a day

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