Overcoming Striped Skin Color?

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hello, I want to ask if I have stripes from 3 years ago, the stripes are because of the sun when I was a scout, I want to ask if my stripes can return to their original skin color? because I am very unsure of myself with my striped hands and striped feet, my original skin color is olive white, not dark brown, I also do scrubs twice a week and make lotion regularly for these 2 months, is there any other way? I want to try whitening creams that are sold online, but I’m afraid it will have side effects, can the doctor help me know if the whitening cream is really good or not? have side effects or not? cth like what ?? about the help, or maybe there is another way or what? thank you

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Skin that is striped / different color often causes lack of confidence and disturbs appearance. Sun-exposed skin becomes darker due to the overproduction of melanin. Actually, the increase in melanin production is a normal body mechanism, which aims to protect the skin from the dangers of UV / utraviolet rays. UV itself is divided into 3 types, namely UV A causing Aging or premature aging, UV B causing Burn or sunburn, UV C causing cancer or skin malignancy.

In order to whiten skin quickly, precisely and safely, you should consult a dermatologist. The doctor will provide advice according to your condition.

Here are recommendations for brightening skin that has patches:

- Bathing using soap containing arbutin, vitamins, vitamin E which can brighten the skin

-Using sunscreen with SPF 30 every time you go out of the room. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before leaving the room and reapply every 2 hours for maximum protection.

-Eat foods that contain vitamins A, C and E which are good for skin health

-Drink water at least 3 liters per day to keep skin moist

-Rubbing the skin of the body with a scrub or body scrub

-Apply a lotion that can lighten the skin

It is recommended that you do not use bleach carelessly because the side effects are harmful to the body. Hazardous substances in whitening products such as mercury, which can cause many health problems in the future. We recommend that you make sure the whitening cream has a registration number at the BPOM (Food and Drug Supervisory Agency) so that the content is safe.

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