Overcoming Suppurating Lumps On The Gums Due To Wisdom Teeth?

Illustration of Overcoming Suppurating Lumps On The Gums Due To Wisdom Teeth?
Illustration: Overcoming Suppurating Lumps On The Gums Due To Wisdom Teeth? upload.wikimedia.org

Tonight, I am vickry aged 21, lately my gums are often sick and swollen. After checking the evidence of wisdom teeth growing in the tips of my gums. The effect of the growth of my wisdom teeth is often hot and cold, jendolan in the jaw and swelling in the cheeks and accompanied by pus discharge from the gums .. how to deal with it. Do you have to pull it or other treatment to the teeth

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Hello Vickry,

Thank you for the question.

Impaction of teeth is a condition in which wisdom teeth grow or third molars grow at the age of 17-20 years. Usually these teeth do not grow normally because they can get trapped at the bottom of the gums or the surface of the tooth so that tooth impaction occurs, which can sometimes cause pain because the tooth cannot grow completely, could be due to oblique or obstructed by other tooth structures. Besides pain, other symptoms can also occur such as swollen gums, headaches, and difficulty chewing.

If there are no complaints, the actual impact of the tooth does not require special handling. However, if you already have a complaint as mentioned above, you should immediately consult a dentist. The dentist will check your complaint and if it meets the indications, a tooth extraction will be performed to avoid complications such as periodontitis, tooth abscess (usually marked by a lump filled with pus), or nerve damage in the tooth. However, if the tooth is experiencing an infection such as swelling, pus, the doctor will postpone the operation and will perform treatments such as anti-inflammatory and antibiotics first to complete the dental infection.

Suggestions you can do in the meantime:

 Take over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol. Gargle with warm water with salt added. Ice compresses on the outside of the gums or cheeks that are swollen and pus comes out. Avoid consuming drinks and foods that contain a lot of sugar and have a hard texture. Get plenty of rest and meet your intake of nutrients and fluids. Hopefully this information helps ...


dr. Talitha.

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