Overcoming Swelling In The Non-cast Hand?

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Tonight, I want to ask a little about broken bones. So my brother’s hands were broken because they fell, they have been taken to the doctor, they have been cast too. But the part of the hand that is not in the cast has swelling, is that normal? R nAnd how can you help speed up the healing? R nThank you

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Hello Fitta,

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Broken hands are quite common and can be caused by accidents, falls or sports injuries. One of the treatment of fractures can be done by using a cast if indeed the fracture occurs in the long bone which does not require surgery using a pen to connect the broken bone.

In the use of a cast, some special care is needed and pay attention to the following points:

Learn to adapt or get used to using a cast. In the first few days of wearing the cast it is necessary to place it in a higher position than the body of the heart. The length of the cast is used according to the doctor's recommendation which is adjusted to the direction of the fracture that occurs
Avoid getting the cast wet. This can lead to itching and irritation of the skin that is exposed to water. If it's wet, you can dry it using a fan hairdryer. If there is a lot of wetness then contact your doctor for next steps and advice.
Prevent swelling. This can delay the healing of the broken bone. Keeping the cast in more position can prevent this from happening. In addition, you can also move the finger slowly in order to increase blood flow which is important for healing.

The swelling that occurs can be a natural thing as a healing response that occurs. however, it does not rule out complications due to the improper size or position of the cast. If there is swelling that is severe enough or there is numbness in the area around the cast, immediately contact the doctor for further tests so that appropriate treatment can be carried out to prevent further complications.

The same is the case with injuries in general. To speed up healing, several things are needed which can be considered as follows:

Gently move the non-cast joint to allow smooth blood flow and prevent stiffness.
Keep the bristles clean around the area where the cast is applied.
Using painkillers if there is pain so as not to interfere with daily activities.
taking supplements rich in calcium and other minerals that can help heal fractures. In general, you can consult with the doctor who treats you.

That is all I can shampoo, hope it will be useful. Greetings, dr. Tiwie.

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