Overcoming The Blackened Lower Part Of The Stomach?

Hello, I used to be fat when I was little until the beginning of high school. When I was in high school I started to look thinner, even though my weight wasn’t that different, because I was exercising. I think it started from the decline in my BB and exercise first, I admit I was a dirty person but I like scrubs, etc. it’s just rare. When I entered junior high school I was 55 kg up to 60 kg and 160cm TB, when I entered 60 kg BB High School, 167cm TB. Then when I was actively exercising, my BB went down to 50kg, even if it didn’t rise more than 55kg. Since 2016 I have not been active in sports, only if I want to, and it’s very rare. Now my body weight is 57kg, if I go up it can reach 62kg but it isn’t bloated, even if it does, it will only pop a little and not even longer after defecation. the black color has not faded yet, very disturbing. How to improve skin color? Oh yeah, my skin color is very yellow but a little brown, what do I do? Then in 2016 I once did a treatment in the upper thigh area near the blackened groin as well, then there were white patches like busik (?) But it’s not so rough and not itchy. Also, the white patches disappeared, and I just realized again in the last few months that there were more. If it is not held or pulled by the skin, it will not appear as white spots, only the skin is blackened, but if you pull the skin, it will immediately form the white spots. That’s also how the treatment so that it can be like the color of my real skin? I have routinely applied, masked, body lotion, but until now it still is. Please answer doctor, thank you

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Dark color on the skin is a condition called hyperpigmentation which can occur as a process of

After an inflammation (post-inflammatory)
Accompanied by stretch marks
Hormonal imbalance
Side effects of drugs or chemicals

To overcome this condition, what can be done is

Use a moisturizing cream
Consumption of foods rich in vitamin C such as oranges, carrots. Tomatoes that will trigger for cell formation
Fluid must be fulfilled for daily needs
Use sunscreen

If there is still no improvement, you should consult a doctor, especially a dermatologist, some things that might be recommended are:

The use of creams that have enlightening hydroquinone content, but this is given according to a doctor's prescription so that the dosage and indications can be adjusted and prevent side effects, especially during pregnancy can interfere with fetal development
Peeling with medicine

More information in the following article.

Thus the information we can convey. Thanks.

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