Overcoming The Bulge In The Cheekbone Area?

Sorry before … I have experienced an incident where my cheekbone was hit by a hard object during my activity, now I feel the bone that is hit is like getting bigger / bumping and accompanied by a kind of skin that is bruised but doesn’t hurt, how do I heal it?

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Hello Ainur Rokhim, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

How long has the impact happened to you? Has it been more than 1 week, or recently?

The bulge in the cheekbone area / zygomaticum is most likely not due to a protruding bone, but because of post-impact swelling. Soft tissue that is hit by a hard object, a little or a lot will definitely experience bleeding that occurs in the tissue. Sometimes the swelling is not only filled with blood that occurs due to the rupture of capillaries / small blood vessels, but it can also contain clear crystals that come from the lymph nodes, or it can also contain pus if the bleeding is accompanied by contact with bacteria causing infection.

If the swelling is caused by rupturing of the capillaries of the blood vessels and causing the tissue to fill with blood, it is possible that the swollen area will be reddish to bluish / purplish in color. Normally, the clotting blood in the tissue will be reabsorbed by the body so that the swelling will decrease and the color will turn yellowish to brownish due to the gradual absorption process.

We recommend that when you hit it, what should be done is to compress the part that was hit with ice, the goal is to stop the bleeding process that occurs in the tissue, so that the swelling does not get bigger. However, usually if you don't apply an ice pack quickly, the swelling will naturally deflate, it only takes a long time and usually can't go back down like the initial condition.

To be sure, the bulge is bone or not, it is better if you immediately get it checked by a doctor. In order to be sure the protrusion is not harmful, and does not interfere with cosmetics for the future.

Things you need to know if you have a collision in your body are:

immediately apply cold / ice to the impacted area
rest the part that was impacted, especially if the part of the body that is often used to move, such as the arm / leg, is being hit.
consumption of food with a balanced nutrition
take a pain reliever similar to paracetamol if the impact is accompanied by painful symptoms.

Hopefully some of us are useful. Thanks.

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