Overcoming The Child Woke Up At Night Because He Felt Pain Or Aches In His Legs?

Illustration of Overcoming The Child Woke Up At Night Because He Felt Pain Or Aches In His Legs?
Illustration: Overcoming The Child Woke Up At Night Because He Felt Pain Or Aches In His Legs? raisingchildren.net.au

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Growing pains is a medical term that describes when a child wakes up at night because of feeling pain or aches in his legs. This complaint will basically be felt on both legs, rarely happens only on one side of the foot. Usually, if only one foot is not growing pains. Usually this condition arises in preschool children who are 3 or 4 years old, and then symptoms can recur at the age of 8-12 years.

Symptoms of growing pains in children can vary, some children will feel pain often or can every day and some children do not complain of pain that is too often. Pain that will be felt disappear, and the condition is felt by the child within a few months or up to several years. Usually the symptoms appear in the afternoon, and at bedtime. And in some children will feel intense pain so that they wake from sleep. Then the pain will disappear during the morning, and the child can return to his activities. The location of pain that is usually felt is often the front of the thighs, the calf or around the knee.

If your sister experiences such pain, it can still be a growing pains. However, to ascertain whether the complaint that occurred to your sister is growing pains or not need further examination and interviews such as regarding the age of your sister, previous medical history, since when it happened, and also need to do a physical examination directly on your sister's feet. Also keep in mind that growing pains will generally attack the two sides of the foot, then usually gradually improve in the morning so that it does not interfere with normal activities, your sister can still be active as usual.

However, if your sister has pain on one side of the foot, and the pain is getting worse or not getting better, check your sister's condition with a Pediatrician, so that further examination can be done and the cause can be identified. In addition, the following symptoms must be considered, usually these symptoms do not appear in growing paiins, if they appear then consult a doctor immediately, namely:

Pain in the feet due to injuries such as falling Fever Reddish rash Redness, swelling, and warmness in the joint area such as the knee Difficulty walking Weight loss The drug you mentioned is a drug that contains paracetamol. Basically this drug is an over-the-counter medicine that can be purchased without using a prescription that can be used to reduce fever and to reduce pain. However, the administration of paracetamol must also be given in appropriate doses, and paracetamol consumption has a maximum dose limit that must be consumed every day. Therefore, read the usage instructions stated in the medicine package, in order to avoid unwanted side effects. During the use of the drug paracetmol in the correct dosage, and as recommended, consumption of the drug will be safe. But if the pain continues, you should still immediately consult a doctor about further treatment.

In addition, for handling growing pains in children there are several things that can be done at home, namely:

Perform massage or massage on the legs stretching the leg muscles Using a compress with a warm towel on the painful part That's the answer from us, hopefully useful.

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