Overcoming The Decrease In Blood Pressure After Pancreatic Surgery?

1, my father just had pancreatic surgery, then the tension dropped until 50s. What should be done, so that the blood pressure is normal again, thanks. R n2. My father, after the operation, it was difficult to eat, I guess I was given food like ciki or not so that his appetite was eating well, thanks

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Hi Cecilia,

Generally, every operation will indeed experience the risk of side effects or complications. One of them is a decrease in blood pressure or hypotension.

Answering your questions:

1. Postoperative hypotension can result from:

Previous anesthesia procedure
Hypovolemic shock, or considerable blood loss during the surgical procedure
Septic shock, which is a complication of infection

To deal with hypotension that your father has experienced, your doctor will recommend a number of things related to the cause. For example: hypotension due to anesthesia procedures will require administration of special drugs, while for hypotension due to hypovolemic shock requires blood transfusion and administration of fluids as needed. Please discuss directly with your doctor for this matter.

2. Post-surgery, indeed patients can experience difficulty eating. Especially if the operation is related to the gastrointestinal tract. Generally, doctors will recommend certain types of food, with a little but more often. We do not recommend the provision of unhealthy foods, especially spices with spices and food additives.

Some things that can help:

Drinking enough can help maintain blood pressure
Avoid tea or coffee which can further reduce blood pressure
Light and slow activities, for a while
Adding salt to food can be done to help raise blood pressure, but it's best after discussing it with your doctor.

So, hopefully you can help.

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