Overcoming The Eye Feels Lumpy And Itchy?

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Regards. I want to ask, I am a user of glasses and soft lenses. But more often use soft lenses when going out if there is a day’s activities. It’s been 3 weeks my upper eyelid has felt a lump and recently it has become itchy. Recently I returned to my hometown, and accidentally used the same towel as the brother whose eye was infected with worms. Is there an effect? Or is this due to the soft lens that I use? R nI have tried using eye drops and compresses with warm or cold water. But it still feels itchy. Or is there some other cause? Hopefully the doctor is pleased to answer my questions. Thanks in advance.

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Hello, good evening Aiisyi.

Complaints of the eye feeling blocked and itchy can be caused by many possibilities, including:

dry eye syndrome (Dry Eye Syndrome) or keratoconjuntivitis sicca keratitis, which is inflammation of the cornea. The cause can be due to an infection (viral, bacterial, or parasitic), but more often it is due to corneal injury. Corneal injuries can occur as a result of wearing contact lenses, long-term use of chemicals or long-term exposure to chemicals (for example in swimming pools). The use of contact lenses is a major factor in the occurrence of this disease, including because the contact lenses are not clean, use too long, or the cleaning fluid is contaminated. Conjunctivitis stye (hordeolum), which is inflammation of the lining of the conjunctiva / outer layer of the eyeball due to infection with conjunctivitis due to an allergy to a foreign object (corpus alienum) trichiasis (growth of the eyeball inward) so that it irritates the lining of the eyeball, etc.

Regarding worm infections in the eye, usually the cause is a type of worm Loa-loa (causing Loiasis disease). These worms can attack the eye through the bloodstream. Symptoms of a worm infection in the eye include red, swollen, watery eyes, a sensation like a moving object in the eye, etc. This eye worm infection is not transmitted from person to person through direct or indirect contact (such as the use of shared towels that you do).

To ascertain the cause of the complaint you are experiencing, an examination must be carried out directly. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check with an eye doctor, especially because you have been experiencing this complaint for a long time. The doctor will conduct questions and answers regarding complaints, perform a physical examination in general and specifically for the eye area. While waiting for the doctor's appointment, here are some suggestions that you can try to do at home to reduce complaints:

temporarily, stop using contact lenses, don't rub your eyes, avoid using eye cosmetics or direct contact between the eyes with soap or other chemicals, diligently wash your hands, compress your eyes with cold water, you can try shedding artificial tears that are sold. at the pharmacy to reduce eye discomfort

That's all, hope this helps ...

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