Overcoming The Habit Of Fantasizing Often Then Modeling?

I’m a high school kid. I often fantasize while demonstrating it. I fantasized about making a screenplay like myself in a film and playing the part there, the role of my dreams. I fantasize but it’s not limited to just thinking about it but I cry, walk, laugh, talk to other characters. I fantasize almost every day in the room. I was confused even though I was in high school but still like a child who likes to fantasize. This delusion has become a habit because I seem to have done it from a young age. I’ve been caught by my parents or younger siblings several times, I’m very embarrassed: v, every time I watch a new movie, I always fantasize if I think the film’s story is interesting. But I realized what I was doing, I never did it in front of people. I can separate my fantasy world from the real world. I realized when people saw me, they might think I was crazy for talking to myself, walking, taking action. Even though I am one of the smart people in class, why can I do such strange things, can this habit be broken?

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Hi Kaneki,

Fantasy is normal for everyone. In fact, delusion has many positive effects on a person, including:

reduce stress
helps relax the mind
help someone overcome conflict because they have often imagined it
help maintain relationships with other people, especially those who are far away
increase productivity
motivate someone to achieve something

Daydreaming, whatever it is, as long as you can distinguish between what is real and what is not real, and as long as you can control the timing of your fantasies, it is not considered a mental disorder.

However, if the opposite happens, disrupts the priorities of daily activities, and is unable to distinguish between real and imagined, then it will require special attention and even special therapy.

You can also solve your habit with related things, for example: trying to do a hobby of acting, drama, writing fantasy stories, and others. Please consult a psychologist further for more details.

Our suggestions:

Tell this to someone close to you, who might be able to provide positive feedback for you
Make sure you can still manage your time well
You don't need to be ashamed of things that seem strange to some people, develop them into positive things that are useful and achievable.
Imagine being a successful person and make it your motivation
Make sure that you also have enough time to socialize with other people

So, hope it helps.

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