Overcoming The Knee Skin That Looks Black And Thickened With Itching?

The skin on the right front knee is thickened. darker color and extraordinary itching when contacted with water. have tried various ointments that don’t work. so uncomfortable and disturbed. Why do you think about that? oya used to often allergic skin itching easily when tired work and lack of rest, but itchy on the back. Does the skin pain in the right knee have anything to do with my allergies first?

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Hello Caertenzia,

Thank you for your question.

Itching is a condition in which the skin is disturbed or one of the responses of a pain that appears in culture. The cause of itching varies. There are several possible causes of itching accompanied by thickening of the skin including:

  Eczema, a skin condition characterized by persistent itching, and a rash that appears kemeran and sometimes also accompanied by thickening of the skin. The cause of eczema has not been identified with certainty, but there are several conditions that can trigger the appearance of eczema, including: weather, clothing used, food or animal hair. Neurodermatitis or chronic itchy disease caused due to nerve injury, stress or psychological factors, hot weather or sweat. Which is marked by a continuous itching or disappearing, there is thickening around the itchy skin, the more scratching itchy, the itchy skin feels scaly or rough, patches on the skin are more prominent and darker in color. Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin disease which is characterized by dry, reddish, thick and scaly curls, easy to peel, but not too itchy. The exact cause is not yet known but is suspected due to the immune system and heredity. It is mentioned that you also have a history of allergies, which allows there to be a relationship with the allergy, allergies can be the cause or even become aggravating. Allergy is a condition that can not be cured. Allergies will continue to come back or appear when the immune system falls, it's just that you can prevent allergies from recurring or appearing, that is by maintaining your body's resistance, for example by eating nutritious food, drinking multivitamins regularly, drinking water at least 2 Liters per day, and exercise for at least 30 minutes.

However, please note, to determine the diagnosis with a physical examination and direct interview. Therefore, to find out the exact cause of the itch, check yourself immediately to a dermatologist. So that complications do not arise because of ignoring these complaints.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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