Overcoming The Long Red Rash On The Baby’s Buttocks?

Night .. My child is only 6 months … in his buttocks / buttocks there is a kind of long red line .. The caregiver said he said it was a sand worm … The questions: 1. Is that dangerous? 2. how to overcome it or what medicine should be given? Before and after I say thank you for being willing to respond to my questions.

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The condition of the appearance of a red line on the skin region of the buttocks region can be affected by several conditions such as

  Worm infections will usually be in the form of winding lines. This is usually related to the risk of infection conditions such as exposure to soil or sand containing worms. first ascertained about the exact causes such as one of them is to check with a doctor, especially a skin specialist or child. Some ways that can be done are

 Avoid children playing directly in the sand or soil Keep the pants and diapers from not damp Clean every time the child defecates with clean water and hypoallergenic soap Change diapers regularly Thus Information Hopefully useful

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