Overcoming The Phobia Of Loud Music?

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Assalmualaikum Goodnight r nI am sorry r nI want to ask, I’m a marching band player or a drumband at my old school r nEvery practice is inside the school building and every time I listen to the sound of music from the drumband tools I feel worried inside my heart and thoughts also said that the building would collapse because the sound of the drumband was very strong, which made me very very afraid. Even at home, I still think about it until I frighten myself, is this a phobia or is there another problem with me? R n r nPlease help me 🙏

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Hello Ichak

Phobia itself is a feeling of fear in a condition or thing that does not make sense, which is actually the thing or condition is not dangerous. So phobias must be distinguished by feeling nervous about appearing in front of people (for fear of shame).

Phobias usually specifically refer to a thing or condition that can trigger a sense of fear, and when they are dealing with it / condition will be able to appear various symptoms such as: anxiety, increased heart rate, breathing becomes fast and short, sweating, pain in chest, diarrhea or even stomach ache, ringing in the ears, until the feeling of wanting to faint.

Phobias usually arise because of a bad event or trauma in the past, for example, someone is very afraid of cats because they were clawed when they were children, whereas not all cats are fierce and scratchy, but every time you meet a cat even though tame will still be scared. However, phobias can also occur due to changes in brain function and also due to genetic and environmental factors

When an attack arises, a person with a phobia will usually feel that he is in danger of life, which is not the case. As a result, the person becomes limited to not dealing with things or conditions that they fear

However, from the information that Ichak has not been able to ensure that the fear experienced by Ichak is a phobia or fear that is influenced by other factors, doctors still need to conduct further interviews to dig up more information about your fears and psychological, besides it also needs physical health checks are also carried out, because a person's psychological condition can also be influenced by their physical health. So Ichak still needs to see a doctor to be sure, because one's mindset and psychology are very complex and complex.

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