Overcoming The Shrinking Leg After A Fracture Under The Knee?

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Hello, I am reigel, aged 21 years, I had a severe accident in 2016 and resulted in the right leg carrying a broken knee and had to be fitted with a pen, and for almost 4 years I never exercised until I released the pen in January 2020, and thank God it’s connected, and the position of the right foot and left leg is out of balance, bigger the left one, and after surgery, can a light gym to restore the right leg muscles to be the same as the left one after a long period of inactivity, please give advice and input Yeah, thank you …

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There is a history of trauma and fractures in the lower part of the knee of the right leg that has been running 4 years ago so that the pen should be installed, and in January 2020 the pen has been taken, so in general, your bones are strong enough in the fracture area. The process of connecting broken bones can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 8 weeks. After the broken bone connects, the strength of the broken bone will approach the broken bone. While the pen can be taken on average after 12 months, sometimes there is something faster, depending on the clinical condition and the process of connecting the bones. But indeed, sometimes some complications from broken bones and pen placement can cause some accompanying complaints, such as:

 Joint stiffness Decreased muscle mass Pain relief The position of bone grafting is not right in the area of ​​the infection. The length of the legs is different, especially shortening of the broken leg. pen removal procedure, then the possibility of these complications can be minimized or prevented. And indeed, this should be discussed directly with your doctor regarding the recovery and mobilization process after the pen removal procedure.

Associated with smaller or reduced muscle mass after trauma 4 years ago, and plans to do your muscle recovery exercises with gym exercises, then this plan you can do and continue. You can do light exercises in the gym with the supervision of a gym instructor. Some initial exercises and gradual light exercises you can do, such as cycling, treadmill, lifting light weights on the legs, or doing stretching exercises for initial training before training with a gym. This exercise effort should be discussed with your surgeon or your rehabilitation doctor. You can then forward this information to the gym trainer for guidance and supervision during this recovery.

The gym trainer will provide you with instructions and initial training weights that are right for you, so you can do it in stages to prevent muscle injuries or injury to your limbs. The trainer will provide supervision and evaluation related to the exercise that you will undergo. So that you continue to follow the advice and instructions of your coach during this recovery period.

Regarding the evaluation of complaints and the evaluation of the operating area, you can still consult your surgeon within the time specified for control. The doctor will conduct an interview related to the development of your bone recovery. Physical examination of your joint function and muscle strength is also a doctor's concern during the control period. Thus, your doctor is aware of its development and can provide further recommendations relating to the activities, exercises and work you do. Thus, all your recovery process goes well and you can move as usual and your muscle mass will recover soon.

Some other efforts you can also do in this recovery period, such as:

 Avoid cigarettes Avoid sleeping late at night Avoid physical fatigue Sufficient energy needs, fat protein in this recovery period Measure your muscle circumference every 2 weeks or every month Do also stretch or exercise at home according to the instructions of your gym trainer Thus the info we can convey.

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