Overcoming The Type Of Festering Acne?

Illustration of Overcoming The Type Of Festering Acne?
Illustration: Overcoming The Type Of Festering Acne? calabasasmedspa.com

Good night, I’m now having pimples, it’s a small type of pimples but there is pus at the end. Every wake of sleep there must be a growing. How to handle it? I have very sensitive and oily skin types. Thank you

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Hello Rulikh,

Acne can occur due to a blockage of the pores or hair follicles by oil or dead skin cells or by dirt. There are several types of acne, including:

pustules are pimples that contain pus at the edges
papules namely pimples that appear reddish spots on the skin
white blackheads

According to the information you have given, your type of acne is in the form of pustules. Acne can appear influenced by:

hormonal influence
oily skin types
dirty face / exposed to dust from the environment
touch the face with dirty hands
cleaning the face less clean
pillowcases or dirty sheets

For the condition of your face that is oily and sensitive you need to be more painstaking in maintaining and maintaining the cleanliness of your face. You should still carry out further tests to a dermatologist for a direct examination and get appropriate treatment such as whether you need acne cream or need to take medicine or not. Some things you need to pay attention to:

Wash your pillowcases regularly
clean your face regularly 2x a day or if your face is dirty after outdoor activities
don't forget to clean your face before going to sleep
Do not hold the face or squeeze pimples
keep your hands clean
drink lots of water min 2 L per day
multiply eating vegetables and fruit
avoid foods that can trigger acne like foods that contain it (fried foods) or foods that are too spicy
choose facial products that suit your skin type
The following article you can read acne

Hope it is useful, thank you

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