Overcoming Toxoplasma In The Eye?

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how to treat eye toxoplasma? Can it cause uterine disorders or infertility

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Eye toxoplasmosis is also called ocular toxoplasmosis. That is an infectious disease in the retinal and choroidal layers of the eye caused by the parasitic toxoplasma gondii. The layer contains the visual nerve and color receptors. So that people with this disease will complain of visual impairment. Toxoplasma parasites are transmitted by direct contact, air and by eating contaminated meat or vegetables.
Women infected with this parasite at least 9 months before pregnancy will form an immune system that can be distributed to the fetus in the womb. So that the fetus is relatively safe. However, if a woman is infected during pregnancy, especially during early pregnancy, the fetus will be at risk of having birth defects, miscarriages, premature labor and death in the womb.
You should consult an ophthalmologist to get treatment for the ocular toxoplasmosis you are experiencing. The doctor will give antitoxoplasma drugs and other supporting eye health drugs. In addition, the doctor will conduct an examination to see if there are complications due to eye disease.
You can also consult an obstetrician about the time to plan a good pregnancy for you to live.
Meanwhile, take care of your health by avoiding eating foods that are sold outdoors. You should consume foods that are processed by yourself. Keep your food clean by washing your hands before processing and after every bathroom. Wash raw materials thoroughly and cook until cooked. Avoid eating foods that are raw or partially cooked. Wash your hands before eating and cover any food that has been processed.
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