Overcoming Trauma Due To Violence From Parents?

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night, I am 19 years old. I was born from a broken home family from a young age and this greatly affected my life. I often get acts of violence from my stepmother that makes me arrogant and sensitive, after reading about BPD from this website I think that I was included because of significant mood changes and even suicidal feelings always come. I want to ask, how do I treat this depression and how to overcome the trauma of the sentences or verbal / non-verbal acts of violence that I got. thanks.

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Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.
The family is the first environment that forms the pattern of life, mindset and motivation for growth and development of human health, physical health or mental health. With a positive family life pattern, it is expected to form a family character and the character of a good and intelligent child. Thus, the role of parents becomes very important in the growth and development of children.
Some of the psychiatric conditions that a child in a broken home family might experience are:
1. post traumatic distress syndrome
2. depression
3. mood disorders
4. borderline personality disorder
To find out the psychological condition of patients, especially pediatric patients in broken home family environments with various causes of broken home, it is necessary to consult a mental health specialist and / or psychologist to help determine whether there is mental health disorder experienced. The doctor will conduct a psychiatric interview, physical examination and spikiatrik examination to establish the diagnosis. Thus, the results of the examination obtained will be a reference for handling, care and education of patients.
In connection with your question, to overcome the trauma due to the violence you experienced and because of the depression you are feeling is to express your complaints, sit together, and talk calmly to your stepmother and father. Convey what you think in a good way, so that your mother understands how you feel and expect. Likewise with your father, convey your hopes and how your family can live well without violence and without painful remarks. And this requires proper time, so that everyone in your family understands one another, values ​​input and opinions, and then a positive solution is found for you and your family.
In addition, you also need to introspection is there something that blocks and is there a problem that arises that has happened before, so you become the object of anger or bad words from your mother. Furthermore, whether or not there is something that makes your mother convey bad words, you should still be a child who has begun to mature in attitude and continue to behave well and still respect your two parents even though your mother is a stepmother.
Thus, relationships within the family environment will be better established.
And even if all your efforts have been made, but there are still solutions that can be taken, then you should remain patient, act naturally, and accept sincerely all the things that you might not be able to accept; because this will be a child who is heartened about the conditions that occur around you. Don't despair, don't think too far especially with death, so you don't go too deep into depression. Rest assured, despite all this, you still have good friends, still have ideals and a better life, and rest assured God will always protect you.
If you are old enough, you may already be able to make a living after entering work age, then you can consider becoming more independent from all sides, so that you can organize your life but still be able to respect both your parents.
And if all this is still bothering you, you should consult with a mental health professional as described above.
Thus the info we can convey.

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