Overcoming Trauma In Childhood?

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Good evening. R nProduce me Sheryl Klhiran in 91. Having problems with my psychology is like some kind of trauma. As a child I was often beaten with rattan by my parents until they were not forgiven. What I feel now is that I feel like I’m afraid to socialize and feel inferior. I have tried to change many times but what I have experienced is falling, failing and being hurt. I became very afraid of being hurt and it increased as I got older. I’m also afraid of making mistakes, every little mistake I make even if I accidentally make me nervous, for example, like accidentally dropping a plate at a friend’s house. I also blame myself for mistakes I didn’t really make, and other people sometimes take advantage of the situation. Is the trauma I experienced already severe? R nAnd what should I do to improve my traumatic past image? And can the doctor give me some motivational words for me to neutralize myself so that I can be more positive? thank you

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Hello Sheryl, Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com

Childhood trauma can affect adulthood, and it can affect a person's development, and cause a person to find it difficult to find happiness in life because of a lack of self-confidence, and being unable to see the beauty in life, stunted by success because they are afraid of facing life's difficulties. There are many reasons for childhood, including:

Bullying, in the form of insults, ridicule, beatings, and even exclusion Feelings of being unwanted, unloved, and even worthless Some things you can do to heal your childhood trauma are:

Try to share or share your bitter life experiences with other people you can trust like your close friends Eliminate negative thoughts in yourself Live life fully in the present, forget about the bitter past Love yourself and believe in yourself Force yourself to make difficult choices Find confidence through what you love Treat others with affection Tell about bullying to children Be proud of what you have achieved If you can do the above and your trauma decreases or even disappears, it is possible that your condition is not severe, but if the above cannot relieve your trauma, then you should consult and have your condition checked by a psychiatrist or psychiatrist, so that further treatment is carried out.

Thank you, hope it is useful. Dr. Nurmarwiyah

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