Overcoming Vomiting Yellow Fluid?

Illustration of Overcoming Vomiting Yellow Fluid?
Illustration: Overcoming Vomiting Yellow Fluid? omicsgroup.org

Morning doctor, sorry, I want to ask how to avoid vomiting yellow, thank you

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Hi Riyan,

Have you thrown up a few times before? Under normal conditions, bile and pancreatic enzymes are needed to digest food. If the bile is released back into the stomach and esophagus, it can cause yellow vomiting. This can occur in cases of acid reflux disease or when the stomach is empty when vomiting occurs.

But in addition to these conditions, yellow vomiting can also be caused by other conditions such as blockages in the gastrointestinal tract, a history of gastric and bile duct surgery, appendicitis, during pregnancy, and recurrent vomiting syndrome.

For a while if vomiting occurs on an empty stomach, you can do some of the following tips:

Smell the ginger
Consume foods that are easily digested but in fewer and more frequent portions
Hinari foods that stimulate nausea such as spicy, sour, oily, too spicy and have a strong aroma
Drink a lot of water
Get enough rest

If vomiting occurs again, you feel weak, or yellow vomiting is not on an empty stomach, you should consult a doctor directly so you can be sure of the cause of yellow vomiting first. After ascertaining the cause, then the doctor can provide further treatment that is more appropriate to deal with the yellow vomit that you experience.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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