Overcoming Watery Spots In Children Aged 1 Year?

Illustration of Overcoming Watery Spots In Children Aged 1 Year?
Illustration: Overcoming Watery Spots In Children Aged 1 Year? Bing

I want to ask my son who is 1 year 8 months old from 4 months old, I have given Frisian Flag formula milk and until now. And now he has watery spots at first on the left leg, to be precise near the little finger and between the fingers. On Monday I was treated, he said he was allergic and he couldn’t eat fishy stuff, as recommended by the doctor, I didn’t give it, but the more watery spots he had given Obay and the ointment it added a lot. Is it because of the milk or not because I like to alternate it with the vanilla and honey flavored frisian flag. How to solve it. Thank you for making my question effective

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Hello Ms Ade

It is very unfortunate if babies who have not reached 6 months must be given formula milk, because breast milk is the most complete food in meeting the nutritional needs of babies. Complaints of watery spots on the feet can be caused by various things, such as allergies, irritation, prickly heat, fungal infections, chickenpox, herpes, imptigo, eczema. It is not yet certain whether what is experienced by the mother's child as a result of giving formula milk or not, but it is possible that it could happen considering that one of the triggers for the emergence of fluid-filled spots, one of which is allergies.

So it's best for your child to be brought back to the doctor to get further assessment regarding his current condition, some diseases in the early stages have symptoms that are less typical, that's why doctors usually advise to return for control in a few days if the condition does not improve. As an initial treatment at home, what you can do is keep your little one clean by regularly bathing him 2x a day, try to use cleaning products such as soap and shampoo specifically for babies, because babies tend to get irritated easily and/or allergic when given cleaning products for adults. . In addition, try to keep the place and the baby's clothes clean, so they don't become a place for germs to live. Then because your child is now more than 6 months old, it is recommended to start getting solid food, so don't just continue to be given formula milk, but gradually give food starting from the porridge form to slowly become a denser form. You can also apply a little salicylic powder to the area where the spots appear to help relieve the symptoms and prevent the spots from breaking out.

Hope it is useful

dr. Arnold

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