Overcoming Watery Spots Such As Blisters On The Neck Of Children?

Hello … r n r nA week ago there was a spot filled with water like hot oil on my child’s neck and broke. The position is exactly the fold of the neck and is now getting wider with a diameter of 2 cm and increasing in number. The shape is always round, I searched impetigo. And I went to a pediatrician with gentamicin ointment and amoxsan syrup. that I want to ask. What is the right wound care for this case. Because the position is in the folds of the neck, instead of healing after a thin application of this ointment, it is actually getting wider and new blisters appear around the first blister point. Is there any special treatment for the wound when I want to wash my child? Is there a special baby vitamin so that it can increase my child’s resistance to the bacteria that causes impetigo? Please doctor’s help. now the blister point has reached the hands and back u0026amp; stomach. Thank you

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Skin disorders in the form of watery spots such as blisters can be caused by:

Viral infections, for example chicken pox, herpes simplex, herpes zoster.

Bacterial infections, one of which is impetigo, cellulitis.

Skin irritation due to use of substances that stick to the skin, insect bites.

Prickly heat that has an infection.

If the skin complaints do not get better, you should check your child's condition again to a Dermatologist. Skin conditions need to be examined directly by a doctor to ascertain the cause because the treatment of each skin condition is different.

Care for your child's skin condition should be cleaned twice a day with a special soap for sensitive skin children and clean water. Lightly wipe and pat around the problem skin area. Avoid scrubbing, scratching and wiping hard. Apply Doctor's ointment thin and evenly. The cloth / towel that is used to dry the problem areas of skin should be changed every day. You should not cover the problematic skin area because the wound covering has the potential to become a medium for growing germs which will aggravate the skin condition. Even if the problematic skin area is not closed, keep it clean.

There are no specific vitamins or supplements proven to optimize the healing process for skin problems. We recommend that children are given a balanced nutritious diet, vegetables, fruit and enough water consumption every day. Make sure the child is met his sleep needs.

Read more about skin disorders in children in the article HealthReplies.com here.

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