Overcoming Wounds And Greenish Instep?

Illustration of Overcoming Wounds And Greenish Instep?
Illustration: Overcoming Wounds And Greenish Instep? researchgate.net

Night. I want to ask .. So 10 days ago I fell from the motorbike and the back of my right leg was injured, I gave it betadine and wrapped in cotton, for 10 days I just opened the cotton and when I opened it, the wound was green, how do I fix it yes so that the wound won’t turn green? Thank you. R nHopefully answered

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Wounds caused by accidents should always be cleaned and treated properly before covering with gauze. An accident wound is a dirty wound. Sand or fine dust particles can get into the wound and each of these particles must be cleaned properly so as not to cause infection in the wound. The wound that looks green is likely due to an infection in the wound. In cases like this, you should immediately see a doctor so that further evaluation of the wound can be carried out.

If the wound is small and the infection is not too severe, the doctor can clean the wound and apply antibiotic ointment for daily wound care. If the wound is large and the infection looks heavy and deep, the doctor will likely prescribe a drinking antibiotic to help treat the infection in the wound. You can't buy antibiotic ointments or drinking antibiotics yourself without a prescription from a doctor, so you have to do a doctor's examination first.

To help treat an infected wound you can do the following:

Clean your wound with saline solution carefully. Rub gently until all the dirt and pus has disappeared from the top of the wound. Do compress the wound with a gauze soaked in saline (moist gauze only, no liquid dripping). Compress for 5 minutes, 3-4 times a day. If the gauze sticks to the wound, re-wet with saline and gently remove the adhesions. Dry the wound first before bandaging it with gauze. Dress the wound with sterile gauze, and always observe, if the gauze is wet or dirty, immediately change the gauze. Some things you should pay attention to:

Wash your hands with soap until they are completely clean before treating the wound. Use gauze, DO NOT cotton

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