Overcoming Wounds On Feet That Are Pus And Swollen?

Illustration of Overcoming Wounds On Feet That Are Pus And Swollen?
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a week ago my leg was hit by coral, the wound was small, so I don’t have anything, during this week it has been sore, I noticed how it got swollen, then I saw that there was pus inside, but inside the skin. So the wound is closed but there is pus. R n How do I heal it?

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Wounds caused by sharp scratches and unclear hygiene, for example corals, are quite susceptible to infection. Often times, this infection does not appear immediately after the wound has occurred. It could be, this infection appears several days or weeks after the wound, because it is triggered by less than optimal wound hygiene and care. This infection can be characterized by a wound that looks swollen, reddish, feels warm, feels painful, or also contains pus in it.

You should have your wound checked directly to a doctor. With direct inspection, your doctor can generally determine how severe your infection is and what treatments can be done to treat it. Depending on the severity of the infection, treatment can be done with medication or even wound care and surgery.

In the meantime, you should not dig or break the festering wound forcibly. This procedure carries the very risk of triggering irritation or secondary infection to the scar, making it harder to heal the wound. To reduce pain and swelling, you can compress the wound with a warm compress while taking paracetamol medicine first. Choose footwear that is clean, comfortable, not cramped, soft, and also dry. Last and most importantly, always keep yourself clean, especially feet that have injuries, namely by taking regular baths, wearing footwear, washing your feet regularly, and regularly cleaning the wounds on your feet with intravenous fluids (NaCl) or an antiseptic solution (povidone). iodine).

Caring for wounds

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