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I want to ask, I am 35 weeks pregnant, I was given the drug Calcifar Plus and aspilets. How to regulate the minimum amount of calcifar puls 2×1 days … I forgot to drink 2g tablets at a time today. I am really afraid there are side effects for the fetus that I am carrying, please bls as soon as possible

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Basically Calcifar plus is a supplement that contains Calcium and Vitamin D3. Calcium supplements are recommended to be consumed twice a day (2x1 tablets) to ensure maximum calcium absorption because the digestive tract can only absorb up to 500 mg of calcium in one meal. Therefore, the actual consumption of 2 tablets at the same time will not cause any side effects on your body or your fetus, it's just that calcium absorption from your supplement will not be maximal. Therefore henceforth you should consume 2 x 1 tablet only in separate times. You should also separate the time of your calcium supplement consumption with the consumption of your pregnancy vitamins (which are likely to contain iron) to ensure maximum absorption of calcium and iron. For example, you can take your calcium supplement in the morning and evening, then take your pregnancy supplement in the afternoon.

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