Pain After Filling Of The Upper Teeth?

Illustration of Pain After Filling Of The Upper Teeth?
Illustration: Pain After Filling Of The Upper Teeth?

Hello, I’m 16 years old, this afternoon I just finished filling my upper front teeth after doing dental work for about 3 times before, and this afternoon it was only permanently patched, but why a few hours later my teeth hurt so much, but only the roof of my mouth and Is it normal for my right gum to hurt because my upper tooth was filled with the right milk tooth? Because it hurts and bothers me. I am afraid of infection nThank you in advance

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After the permanent tooth filling process, experiencing pain in the tooth part may naturally occur due to the compaction of the material used to fill the tooth or due to the effects of previous anesthesia when the filling or dental treatment process has disappeared. In this condition it is sometimes necessary to take additional medication for pain relief such as paracetamol. But if the pain you experience in a tooth that has just been filled is very painful or persists for a long time and does not go away or does not decrease with the help of taking pain relievers, you should check with the dentist who performed the filling for a check or recheck. Some of the conditions that may cause this pain include:

The root of the tooth is infected with temperature stimulation to the innervation of the loose filling. Some things you need to pay attention to include:

take pain relievers such as paracetamol avoid eating hot or cold foods avoid eating foods that are too hard chewing using the other side of the tooth (which is healthy) here are the articles that you can read after a tooth filling

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