Pain After Stirrup Installation?

Illustration of Pain After Stirrup Installation?
Illustration: Pain After Stirrup Installation?

Good evening, I just installed stirrup about 12 hours ago, the beginning of the use of stirrup did not hurt even I could eat fried rice this afternoon, but the longer my teeth and gums ache, especially if my teeth are pressed under / above, until now I insomnia because of pain and ache they will be, I have tried drinking cold water, compresses and even take pain medication but still the same pain, is that reasonable? I am afraid that my teeth do not match / refuse to use brace because of the pain.

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Hello Diazayua, thank you for asking

The pain that arises after installing braces or stirrup is common in most people. The pain that arises is usually more felt at the beginning of the installation and the pain will decrease. Some studies indicate that the possibility of discomfort and pain is caused by changes in blood flow to the teeth due to pressure from the braces. So that the initial installation of braces will be more painful.

Apart from the pressure from the installation of friction braces on the braces and appendages in the mouth can also cause pain. Even so, some time later, the network will adapt so that you will feel more comfortable.

The use of stirrups or braces is classified as safe as long as you do the wire installation at a professional dentist or orthodontist, a dental specialist who has received special training in the tightening and alignment of teeth.

To reduce this pain, there are several things you can do like:

During the first few weeks of using braces, you can use orthodontic wax (orthodontic wax) to avoid injury. The doctor will usually give this candle if memng is needed
Eat soft foods that do not need to chew especially on the first few days of braces.
Avoid drinks and foods that are sour
Avoid hard foods and also avoid biting hard objects
Chew gum
Cold foods like ice cream can help reduce pain
Take pain medications if needed

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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