Pain After Tooth Extraction.?

Illustration of Pain After Tooth Extraction.?
Illustration: Pain After Tooth Extraction.?

Good afternoon. I pulled my tooth about 3 weeks ago and it still hurts. I had read about the common dry socket after tooth extraction, but the extraction did not look as white as bone as described. And at the time of tooth extraction, 2 of my teeth said the doctor was also prone to having holes and finally the doctor was scraped until they became cavities (even though they were previously not hollow) and then patched using white gel, but now the gel is gone. What I want to ask: 1. How come the toothache doesn’t disappear? Even though I already extracted the remaining tooth from yesterday’s root. In fact, now the pain is getting worse spread to the ears and head to the left. I have been taking ibuprofen for a few days, but today I consume at 8 o’clock in the morning and 12 o’clock in the afternoon how come the pain does not go away huh? Even more, I don’t want to see a doctor because there isn’t time. Thank you

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Hi Ike,

Thank you for asking

Pain after tooth extraction will often improve in less than 1-2 weeks with good handling. If for more than 2 weeks you still feel quite intense pain, then this might indicate:

Secondary infection of the tooth extraction area

Dry socket, which is a failure to form a blood clot, or the release of a blood clot from a tooth extraction site
Pain that comes from other areas around the tooth extraction, for example because of the surrounding cavities, inflammation of the gums, periodontitis, disorders of the jaw joints, inflammation of the middle ear or outside, sinusitis, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, and so on

The patches on your loose teeth can also play a role in triggering your current pain. It is possible that the patch will be given to your real tooth by a hole. It's just that the size of the hole is small so it doesn't appear to you. It's very rare for doctors to make holes in their teeth and then patch them without a clear indication.

Tooth pain as you experience some are dangerous, some are not. However, if you feel more intense pain, to the point of disturbing you while eating, talking, sleeping, and undergoing other activities, you should not let it. Check yourself back at the dentist so that it is handled well, yes. Further examination, for example X-rays, doctors can also advise you if deemed necessary.

For now, you should first reduce the pain by taking paracetamol. Avoid consuming food or drinks that are too hard, too cold, too hot, and too sticky. Get plenty of rest. Do not forget, improve your teeth and mouth hygiene, including by regularly brushing your teeth, clean between your teeth and tongue, as well as gargling with salt solution after toothbrush.

Hope this helps ...

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