Pain And Bleeding In The Skin After Stepping On An Animal?

Illustration of Pain And Bleeding In The Skin After Stepping On An Animal?
Illustration: Pain And Bleeding In The Skin After Stepping On An Animal?

, I accidentally stepped on a small black animal, then what I felt was heat and there was blood in the sole of my foot, how was the treatment, no danger that I experienced?

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Need to clarify, what animal do you mean? How long have you had this complaint? Does it also appear in other areas of the body that are not in contact with the animal?

Pain and bleeding in the skin after stepping on an animal that you experience can be a sign of inflammation. Some animals do have certain self-protection abilities that make people or other creatures who come into contact with them experience health problems, including inflammation of the skin as you experience it. In other conditions, inflammation of the skin can not only trigger pain and bleeding, but also swelling, itching, redness, streaking, stiffness, and so on.

If the area of ​​skin that is experiencing complaints is limited to the side that is in direct contact with the animal, this condition is generally not dangerous. However, if the complaint seems to spread, or is severe enough to make your feet swell, feel hot or extreme pain, difficult to move, until other systemic complaints appear, for example fever, chills, nausea, shortness of breath, etc., you should check yourself go straight to the doctor or skin specialist huh ... It is feared, there are other more severe conditions that trigger your complaints, for example allergies, irritation, clavus (fish eye), skin infections, other skin inflammation, and so on.

In the meantime, here are some suggestions you can apply:

Wash your feet thoroughly using antiseptic soap and good quality water. Do not over-pressure the affected foot. Don't do activities that cause stresses on the feet, such as running or jumping. Always use clean, comfortable, padded footwear. pain (for example those containing paracetamol) to minimize the burning sensation in the feet Avoid the use of creams, drugs, or other substances in the feet that have complaints without doctor's advice Drink and rest more Hopefully help ..

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