Pain And Distress Around The Sutures Used In Laparoscopy?

Illustration of Pain And Distress Around The Sutures Used In Laparoscopy?
Illustration: Pain And Distress Around The Sutures Used In Laparoscopy?

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Pain and pressure such as around a laparoscopic suture, if the intensity is mild, often naturally caused by excessive muscle and skin stretching. As is known, when there are wounds (including surgical wounds), scar tissue will try to patch up the injured skin and muscle tissue. However, in contrast to normal skin and muscle tone, the elasticity of scar tissue is quite low, so it is less able to accommodate excessive muscle and skin stretches, and will appear as painful or depressed as you experience.

Aside from being natural, complaints that you feel can also arise due to an illness, such as urinary tract infections or stones, kidney disorders, hernias, peritonitis, gastroenteritis, intestinal obstruction, muscle cramps, psychic disorders, intestinal inflammation, and so on. In women, pre menstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, and so on can also cause pain and sensation such as pressure in the stomach.

To improve, you try to warm compresses to your stomach area first. Do not forget, keep your body clean, wear loose and comfortable clothes, don't over-bend over and lift heavy loads, regularly exercise, eat healthy foods regularly, drink enough, don't like to resist urinating, don't stress, and don't also take any medicine without doctor's advice.

If there is unbearable pain, vomiting or massive diarrhea, fever for more than 3 days, no bowel movements for more than 24 hours, or other severe complaints, you are advised to consult a doctor or internist. Conversely, if your complaint is mild and improves with the above efforts, you should postpone seeing a doctor first and multiply silence at home to avoid an outbreak of COVID-19 huh ..

I hope this helps.

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