Pain And Fever After Plaster Cast?

Doctor, I experienced a fracture in the left knee due to a motorcycle accident which was then casted from the upper thigh to the sole of the foot. In 1-3 days after the cast is installed, the pain does not arise as before. But after that began to appear pain in the knee and on the 7th day I had a fever. What I am asking is whether the normal pain I feel after installing the cast is actually intended to reduce pain? Does this fever have something to do with the installation of the cast? Thank you Note: I cannot walk because it feels so heavy when lifting my legs that I am only in bed except when defecating with a wheelchair

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

The cast is intended to immobilize or limit the movement of the injured bone. The principle of installation is by passing two joints between which there are broken bones. The healing period for fractured / broken bones can vary in each case, depending on the degree of damage and type of bone.

Pain in the cast location can be a marker of infection or inflammation. Fever can also be caused by other causes that happen coincidentally after casts, for example systemic infections (eg viral infections, malaria, dengue fever, leptospirosis, typhoid fever) or focused organ infections (for example: common cold, pneumonia [infection of the lung], infections urinary tract, gastrointestinal infections, infections of the central nervous system).

We recommend that you see your doctor again for an orthopedic specialist or a surgeon who treats you. The doctor's return visit is also important to monitor the progress of your condition after the cast is taken.

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