Pain And Itching On Moles?

Illustration of Pain And Itching On Moles?
Illustration: Pain And Itching On Moles?

Good morning, doctor. I am 25 years old. I have had a mole on the right side of my chin since I was young. I routinely pull out the hairs on the mole and there are no symptoms whatsoever. However, the last extraction the day before yesterday had a painful and itchy effect (a total of two days of pain). And today a white spot appears on the mole. Yesterday I was consul to a friend (general practitioner and a pharmacist) and was advised to take paracetamol for pain relief (I drank it overnight). What is the next step that must be taken if it is still painful ,? Leave it until tomorrow if there are changes or what? thanks.

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Hi Anik,

Thank you for asking

Not infrequently, the surface of moles can indeed be overgrown with hair. This condition is often not dangerous, although in some people, this hair can be quite annoying, causing the owner to want to pull it out continuously.

This act of pulling out a hair on a mole by force should not be overdone, because it can trigger inflammation. This inflammation is the possibility that ultimately causes you to feel pain and itching. It could also be, the pores of the skin that are opened due to the action of pulling the hair into the entry of microorganisms that cause infections. This infection can eventually aggravate pain, itching, and can cause the appearance of pus on your skin (pus is likely to cause the appearance of white spots on your mole).

You should check your condition directly to a doctor or dermatologist so that you evaluate more precisely what conditions are causing your complaint. If it is true inflammation and secondary infections that trigger your complaints, often this condition can improve enough with the administration of certain drugs. However, if there are signs of inflammation that are quite severe, doctors can also recommend a surgical procedure. It could also, if you feel the hair on the mole needs to be removed, the doctor will recommend that you undergo other medical procedures, for example laser, electrolysis, epilator, and so on.

In the meantime, you can first make the following efforts:

Compress the mole that feels itchy and painful with cold water Don't touch the mole with dirty hands Diligently wash your face with cleansing soap that matches your skin type Do not carelessly give treatment to the mole without doctor's advice Don't scratch or force squeeze the mole and white spots that appears Hopefully it helps huh ..

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