Pain And Itching On The Soles Of The Feet?

Illustration of Pain And Itching On The Soles Of The Feet?
Illustration: Pain And Itching On The Soles Of The Feet?

, I want to ask. These past few days my soles are often itchy and painful, because I can’t stand it anymore I sometimes scratch it or beat and massage the soles of my feet. Why is the sole of my foot? Previously I only felt pain when I was standing for too long but now it is accompanied by itching.

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Hello Bro, Thank you for consulting with us on Itchy soles are common, but sometimes many people don't pay much attention. Many things can be the cause of itching on the soles of the feet, including skin factors and also due to other medical conditions. The following explanation:

itching due to the skin condition of the soles of the feet:
due to atopic dermatitis
fungal infections of the feet such as tinea pedis

irritation exposure
the presence of lice or scabies

venomous insect bites

due to other medical conditions on the body:
peripheral neuropathy: peripheral nerve disorders are sometimes caused by diabetes mellitus

a sign of kidney disease
symptoms of thyroid gland disease
a sign of liver disease

Because we do not carry out direct examinations on you, we recommend that you consult with a doctor so that it is examined thoroughly to find out the cause and get the appropriate treatment. What you should pay attention to is of course keeping your feet clean at all times by always using footwear, changing your socks regularly, drying your feet before wearing shoes so they don't get damp, avoid sharing your shoes or socks with others, choosing socks that don't cause skin can not breathe / moisturize. Do not do a blow to the foot when you feel symptoms of itching recur, you can replace it by doing a soaking on the feet with anti-septic solution. Thus we can convey, hopefully our information is useful. thanks.

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