Pain And Numbness In The Left Shoulder That Spreads To Hands With High Cholesterol Levels?

Illustration of Pain And Numbness In The Left Shoulder That Spreads To Hands With High Cholesterol Levels?
Illustration: Pain And Numbness In The Left Shoulder That Spreads To Hands With High Cholesterol Levels?

Good evening Hello, my name is Nanang Nurdiana, 47 years old, 173cm high, 94kg BB, r sorry I want to ask, why does the left shoulder of the back hurt, spreads to the hands rich in numbness, once I checked he said from the stomach, checked blood cholesterol 230, ekg I even went to the cardiac clinic but the results were good, until I had surgery there was a lump in my shoulder but the pain didn’t go away … that’s why, please explain … thanks

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Hai Nanang,

Thank you for asking

If you look at the information you convey, the possibility of pain and numbness in the left shoulder that spreads to the hand you experience is related to high blood cholesterol levels and also a history of previous operations that you have had.

Normal blood cholesterol levels are not more than 200 mg / dL. This measurement of cholesterol levels is ideally done after fasting. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify first, when did you do the cholesterol check? High blood cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia) often do not cause annoying complaints. However, if the cholesterol level increases quite sharply, then the sufferer often experiences complaints, such as achiness, body aches, tingling, numbness, and so on. This complaint can be predominantly around the nape, neck, back, and shoulders.

Need to clarify too, what lumps have you had previously on your shoulders? And what kind of surgery did you have? Several types of lumps that are large enough in the shoulder area require surgical treatment. If this lump comes from a deep enough shoulder structure, then surgical removal of the lump can cause injury to the components around the shoulder. Injuries to the muscles and nerves around the shoulders can appear as sensations of pain, numbness, tingling, and so on.

Apart from the consequences of the two conditions above, you may also feel the complaints in your shoulders and hands due to other factors, for example pinched spinal nerves, rheumatoid arthritis, viral or bacterial infections, herpes zoster or post herpetic neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy, vitamin B12 deficiency. , GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), gastritis (stomach pain), coronary heart disease, bronchitis, pleurisy, and so on.

In order to distinguish exactly which condition is causing your complaint at this time, you should check with your doctor right away. Generally, doctors will first provide temporary treatment in the form of drugs to deal with your complaints. However, if it does not improve, you may be referred to the right specialist, such as a neurologist, to undergo further tests, such as blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, and so on.

What you should do now is:

Compress the shoulder area, back, to the sore and numb hands with warm water, repeat several times a day Increase exercise Eat more foods rich in vitamin B12 Limit foods high in cholesterol Drink lots of water Wear comfortable clothes, not tight Take paracetamol for relieves pain when needed. Hopefully it helps ...

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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