Pain And Swelling Over The Right Genitals?

Illustration of Pain And Swelling Over The Right Genitals?
Illustration: Pain And Swelling Over The Right Genitals?

My father is 62 years old and often feels pain in his right genitals .. he said that every cough is always painful and swollen .. if you take the gmc gamat herbal medicine, can it be cured?

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Hello Khori,

Thank you for asking

Pain and swelling in the right genitals as your father experienced can be caused by a variety of possibilities, for example:

Hernias (intestines sticking out through a weakened abdominal wall gap), for example inguinal hernias, scrotal hernias
Urinary tract disorders, for example stones or urinary tract infections
Reproductive tract disorders, for example prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis, torsion of the testis
Gastrointestinal disorders, for example appendicitis, irritable bowel syndrome, volvulus, intussusception, obstructive ileus, food poisoning, gastroenteritis
Others, such as benign or malignant tumors, fibromyalgia, nerve nerves, skin infections, post-injury, mental disorders, etc.

We strongly urge that you not carelessly give your father any medicine or supplement before the cause of the complaint is confirmed to the doctor. Because, different causes, of course it can also be different handling. What's more, there are very limited accurate sources that specify exactly the composition of the herbal products you mentioned. Therefore, it is difficult for us to ensure the safety and potential side effects that may result from consumption of these products.

Our advice, first check your father's condition to the doctor or surgeon so that it can be further evaluated and handled properly, right? X-ray examination, ultrasound, laboratory tests, and so on, the doctor may do it if you suspect a more serious condition. Depending on the cause, your father's condition may later be treated with medication, surgery, or various other therapeutic modalities.

First help your father overcome his complaints with the following steps:

Compress the painful area with warm water
Avoid massaging or over-pressing the swollen area
Avoid coughing, vomiting, or excessive straining. You do this by eating regularly, avoiding allergens, keeping the home environment clean, drinking lots, and not getting used to hold bowel movements.
Ask your father to maintain his weight so as not to overdo it
Ask your father to wear comfortable clothes, do not be too tight, do not also suppress excessive areas of pain
When there is pain and swelling, ask your father to rest while raising both feet (for example by being propped up by a pillow or hung up)

Hope this helps ...

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