Pain Around The Eyes That Feels Up To The Head And Ears?

Illustration of Pain Around The Eyes That Feels Up To The Head And Ears?
Illustration: Pain Around The Eyes That Feels Up To The Head And Ears?

Afternoon, I want to ask. Under the eyebrows near the right side of the nose bone it hurts, even the pain can make a migraine and besides that I feel like a toothache and the ear likes to ache due to the migraine. If I may know, why? And what’s the solution? Thank you

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Hello Adinda

Complaints in the form of pain in the area under the eyes and eyebrows near the nasal bones can be caused by a variety of factors, so whether Adinda has been confirmed by doctors that Adinda really had migraines or just just an assumption?

As for some things that could be a possibility for the conditions experienced by Adinda are

Toothache, pain in toothache can spread to the surrounding area including the nasal bone area and around the eyes
Cluster type headaches

Sinusitis, inflammation of the skull cavity can cause pain in the facial area
Otitis media, is an inflammation of the middle ear, but once pain arises, it can also affect the surrounding areas

The symptoms that Adinda conveyed cannot yet be used as a strong grip to lead to one of the considerations above, and do not rule out the possibility that these symptoms could have been caused by things other than above. That is why the need for a direct doctor's examination of Adinda first, so that doctors can dig up more information through the question and answer session history of Adinda's complaints and health, then conduct basic health checks such as physical examinations for example. If there is a suspicion in a certain medical condition, the doctor may suggest supporting examinations (for example X-ray of the head, blood test, etc.)

Some tips for Adinda try to do to overcome the symptoms of pain in the head is to try to lie down or sleep for a while when the pain arises (if the conditions are possible such as being at home and not busy). If it still feels disturbing, Adinda can try to take paracetamol

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