Pain Around The Face And Headache?

Good evening, I would like to consult about my complaints that often experience pain around the jaw, cheekbones, sometimes pain in the temples u0026amp; eyes accompanied by severe headaches. The pain even reaches the neck and chest area, which I want to ask, what illness do I have? Thank you, info please …

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Hello, Rezza Fathir, thank you for asking

To find out the pain suffered, there must be more complete information about matters relating to symptoms, history of the disease, direct physical examination, and if necessary can be investigated.

Pain in the face, temples, head, can be caused by many things for example:

1. Cluster headache

2. Trigeminal neuralgia

3. Migraine

4. Pain delivered from the teeth (for example due to cavities, dental infections), ears (due to inflammation or infection in the ears)

5. Tumors / lumps in structures on the head (lining of the brain, brain, nerves)

6. Etc.

Meanwhile, head and chest pain are often caused by different causes. It must be seen again whether the pain is felt from the head to the chest, or the chest radiates to the neck to the head, or appears at different times. But in general, chest and neck pain can be caused by tension / strength of chest / neck muscles, GERD (stomach acid disease), heart disease, pleurisy, lung infections, etc.

To determine the exact cause, a series of processes is needed as in the first paragraph. Investigations can sometimes be done to help find the cause if information about the symptoms and physical examination can not conclude it. Some investigations that can be done such as CT-scan, MRI, X-ray, ECG, to complete blood tests. Treatment is tailored to the cause and severity.

You can try taking paracetamol or ibuprofen to relieve pain. We recommend that you immediately consult a doctor especially if the pain can not improve with paracetamol / ibuprofen, pain is getting worse, accompanied by weakness, left chest pain that spreads to the jaw / left arm / penetrates back, weak half of the body / face, nausea / vomiting, difficulty speaking / swallow, stiff neck, fever.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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