Pain Around The Knee To The Feet Accompanied By Tingling?

Illustration of Pain Around The Knee To The Feet Accompanied By Tingling?
Illustration: Pain Around The Knee To The Feet Accompanied By Tingling?

Hello doctor I want to ask recently I did pkkmb and it made me have to sit for a long time but when I stood up my knees were very painful and I couldn’t move my lower legs like tingling but my legs really couldn’t move I kept falling down while trying to stood up and it happened many times. I have only sat cross-legged for 5 minutes, my knee hurts and it will spread to my lower legs, I feel like a sudden paralysis so that the health staff at my university gave me a special sign so that I could ask permission to stretch my legs if it started to hurt. According to my foot doctor why? Why do other people even sit as long as I can still stand well without losing balance while I just seem to be impotent?

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Hello Arlisya,

Thank you for asking

Pain around the knee to the feet, accompanied by tingling, paralysis, until it is difficult to move may indicate a problem with your feet, for example because:

Nerve disorders, such as diabetes, nerve clamps

Vascular disorders, such as due to peripheral arterial disease, deep vein thrombosis
Joint disorders, such as rheumatid arthritis, osteoarthritis
Others, such as cellulitis, osteomyelitis, infections, post-injury, and so on

It is also possible, abnormalities in other organ systems can trigger complaints in the knee to your feet, for example due to injuries, tumors, or infections that urge the spinal cord, viral or bacterial infections, mental disorders, and so on.

Without a direct inspection, it is difficult for us to identify the exact cause of your complaint. Therefore, it is better, if the complaint is very disturbing, check yourself directly to the doctor or the nearest neurologist. X-ray examinations, CT scans, MRIs, and so on may be done by a doctor so they can provide you with the best treatment. What you can do at this time:

If your knees and feet are painful, take paracetamol first, compress with warm water, do not massage
Wear footwear and pants that are comfortable, not tight, avoid high heels

Do not smoke
Regular exercise
Do not overreact physically using knees and feet that are experiencing complaints
Eat and drink enough and nutritious, rich in neurotropic vitamins and minerals, especially calcium, vitamin B, potassium, magnesium
Calm your heart and mind, don't overdo it when you're sad, scared, or anxious

Hope this helps ...

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