Pain Around The Lower Abdomen, Lower Back, And Genitals During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Pain Around The Lower Abdomen, Lower Back, And Genitals During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Pain Around The Lower Abdomen, Lower Back, And Genitals During Pregnancy?

Do I want to ask about the age of my pregnancy is already 8 months, but in these weeks I often get pressure on the end of the bladder, it feels like a squeeze, then it’s been 5 days now I have diarrhea and I often have upper back pain, lower stomach, tight stomach and stomach, what are you doing, menstruation, gt maybe this is a characteristic of wanting to give birth at 8 months of pregnancy

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Pain around the lower abdomen, lower back, and genitals is generally a common thing to happen when pregnancy has entered the third trimester. Not only pain, mothers can also experience other uncomfortable sensations, namely heartburn, such as wanting to defecate, twisting, violently, and so on. This condition, in addition to being caused by compression by an enlarging fetus, can also be exacerbated by fetal movement and false contractions (Braxton hicks).

Although it can be a natural thing, the effects of pregnancy alone shouldn't cause you to experience diarrhea. If it is true that you also experience diarrhea (liquid bowel movements more than 3 times a day), then the possibility of your complaint is also exacerbated by gastrointestinal infections, food malabsorption, intolerance, food poisoning, colitis, drug side effects, and various other factors. It could also be that anxiety or excessive worry before childbirth causes your intestinal motility to increase and diarrhea develops. The causes of diarrhea above can also bring up the pain you are currently feeling.

In addition, your complaint may also be caused by other factors, such as pinched nerves, other viral or bacterial infections, dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), and so on.

You can observe signs of labor with the following changes:

The appearance of labor contractions --- in contrast to false contractions, labor contractions appear in a stronger intensity, longer duration, and frequency with increasing frequency Appears of blood and / or amniotic fluid from the birth canal. If the above conditions do not appear, the What you are experiencing right now is probably not a sign of labor. Normally, labor will only occur after 36 weeks of pregnancy or more.

However, to be sure, there's nothing wrong with seeing a gynecologist directly.

In the meantime, you can first do the following tips:

Relieve pain, tightness, and heartburn in your stomach to your lower back by compressing it with warm water. Reduce activities that cause excessive abdominal muscle contraction, for example pulling or lifting heavy weights, pushing too hard Get plenty of rest, hang your legs to minimize pain in stomach and back Wear comfortable clothes Prevent diarrhea by always washing your hands, pay better attention to the cleanliness of the food and drinks you consume, eat less spicy first Drink lots of warm water Do not stress or worry too much

Abdominal pain during pregnancy

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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