Pain Around The Nasal Passages?

Illustration of Pain Around The Nasal Passages?
Illustration: Pain Around The Nasal Passages?

, I want to ask The channel that connects my nose to my mouth hurts and starts to mucus. Cold. I had never had an allergy before, but I began to wonder if it was allergic? Because these past few days I have been in a very dusty place and have often been exposed to the smell of chemicals.

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Hello, good night Meldy ...

Colds can be caused by various conditions, one of which is due to an allergic reaction (allergic rhinitis). Some triggers for colds due to allergies include dust, cigarette smoke, animal dander, pollen flowers, cold or dry weather factors, and so on. Generally, colds that are caused by allergies have clear mucus characteristics and runny nose that arise arises in accordance with the presence / absence of the trigger. This condition can be experienced by someone who has a history of allergies both to himself and his family (biological parents) in any form, for example in the form of hives, sneezing and watery eyes in the morning, asthma, atopic eczema, and so on. In addition to allergies, colds can also be caused by infections, consumption of spicy foods, side effects of certain drugs (such as high blood pressure medications, birth control pills, and heart disease medications), and hormonal imbalances, for example during early pregnancy.

To ensure that you have a cold caused by allergies or other causes, it requires a direct examination, therefore we recommend that you consult and check directly with the doctor, yes. The doctor will conduct more detailed questions and answers about your complaints and do physical examination. If deemed necessary, the doctor may suggest a supporting examination. Investigations that can be done for allergic rhinitis include blood lab tests (assessing levels of IgE) and allergic reaction tests on the skin (skin prick test).

While waiting for your doctor's appointment, here are some suggestions we can give:

wear a mask to minimize exposure to substances that are suspected of triggering allergies
hand washing routine to minimize the risk of transmission
enough rest
consumption of foods high in vitamins
regular exercise to strengthen the immune system and help control the body's response to substances that trigger allergies
receive influenza vaccine once a year

That's all, hopefully it helps ..

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