Pain Around The Stomach That Doesn’t Go Away, Accompanied By Restlessness And Shortness Of Breath?

Illustration of Pain Around The Stomach That Doesn’t Go Away, Accompanied By Restlessness And Shortness Of Breath?
Illustration: Pain Around The Stomach That Doesn’t Go Away, Accompanied By Restlessness And Shortness Of Breath?

Hello. I am still a student. R nFor the last few months, I often experience aches / pains in my stomach and waist. When the pain started, I still ignored it and continued my activity, and when the pain was really felt, I just thought it was an ulcer because I really have an ulcer and I only took ulcer medication, but the pain didn’t go away but it just relieved it. But in the past few weeks, the pain has been getting more frequent, I haven’t consulted the hospital. And yesterday when I was about to go home from school, the pain came back and made me feel sick because of the pain that didn’t go away, the pain also made me weak, I was angry with the pain, felt anxious, I felt short of breath, and sometimes my head was lightheaded when I was about to stand up or looking down. r nAnd actually why am I? Is there a disease? Or is it just my ulcer recurrence?

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Hello Allya

There are various kinds of organs in the stomach, so abdominal pain has quite a lot of possibilities. One of the conditions that can cause stomach pain is stomach ulcers, where when the stomach is too acidic which eventually irritates the surface of the stomach, not infrequently it eventually forms a wound in the stomach known as a stomach ulcer. Gastric ulcers have symptoms such as pain that can radiate to the neck, navel or back. Abdominal pain also often appears at night or when the stomach is empty. These symptoms can be reduced if you take drugs to treat stomach acid but may recur several days or weeks later. Even so, sometimes there are also conditions with stomach ulcers that don't cause symptoms until the condition gets worse before the symptoms appear.

Too high stomach acid can also irritate the esophagus and throat, causing discomfort in the chest which is often mistaken for shortness of breath, a comfortable feeling in the throat (sometimes even triggers a cough), and a bitter tongue.

Apart from problems with the stomach, stomach pain can also be caused

Menstrual pain
Urinary tract infection

Kidney stones and or bladder stones


To be able to ascertain what health problems Allya is actually experiencing, the doctor needs to conduct a health assessment first, namely through a targeted health interview, physical examination, and if necessary supporting examinations such as abdominal ultrasound, abdominal x-rays, urine examination, stool examination, etc. From the information obtained from the health assessment, doctors can find out the source of the problem causing Allya's pain. So don't hesitate to see a doctor.

As for advice for Allya, try to do it so that her complaints don't get worse

Try to eat regularly 3x a day, and avoid consuming foods that are acidic, spicy, and contain caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate)
When you finish eating, try not to sleep right away, but rarely give it for about 2 hours
Drink lots of water
Avoid consuming instant food and food products / packaged drinks
Avoid taking drugs without a doctor's consideration, because some pain medications can actually cause stomach upset.

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