Pain Around The Upper Thigh If Used For Kicking?

Illustration of Pain Around The Upper Thigh If Used For Kicking?
Illustration: Pain Around The Upper Thigh If Used For Kicking?

. I don’t like pencak silat when I kick, my groin hurts. like there’s a tendon when you pull your leg up. Even though I always handle correctly. Looks like you moved it wrong when you kicked?

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Hello, Yuha Zikrillah, thank you for asking

Pain in the groin can be caused by a disruption in the structure in that part, it can be muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints, to nerves. Some common causes are:

1. Sprain: tears or stretches in the ligament (tissue that connects bone to bone)

2. Strains: tears or stretches in muscles or tendons (tissue that connects muscles to bones)

3. Overuse injury, or muscle activity too heavy for too long

4. Impact on the groin can cause hematoma / bruising

To be sure, a physical examination by a doctor is needed. The doctor will look, feel / press, and move the painful part and assess the condition of your thighs. If necessary, the doctor can carry out investigations such as X-ray, MRI, or CT-scan depending on the results of physical examination.

What you can do at home is to rest the painful part while still in pain. Do not move a lot of the painful part, especially doing heavy activities and burdening the thighs, such as running, kicking, jumping around. You can apply painkillers to the painful part. Raise legs when lying down. Consumption of paracetamol or ibuprofen may reduce pain. However, if within a few days the pain does not improve with these methods, or there are other symptoms such as swelling, redness, stiffness, difficulty moving, increased pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Henceforth, prevent this recurrence with adequate heating and cooling before and after exercise, and stretching before and after exercise. Good stretching and warming can condition the body to adapt to the exercise that will be done, so that the body is not surprised. It is better to warm up in the form of light aerobic movements (for example walking on a place / jumping around for a few minutes) so that the blood pumped into the tissues is sufficient to warm up, then stretch the muscles. In addition, movements that are first performed or rarely done, should be done gradually to accustom the body to these movements so that there is no excessive stretching of the muscles / ligaments / tendons.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

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